GWholesale Clothing is a professional online shopping focusing on Kids, Girls, Boys, Women’s and Men’s fashion, Uniforms. Here you will find a massive range of first-rate items at a reasonable price.

Who we Are:

GWholesale Clothing started out as a Wholesale business operating online through e-commerce websites. Once becoming settled in the business we realised that the quality of the clothes we purchased from traditional brick and mortar warehouses were overpriced and poorly made. This meant more items were being returned due to poor fabric and stitching than due to actual problems, losing us money and customers.

These experiences led us to create our own supply chain where we could control the quality and price of products. We made sure to find the best quality fabric and stitching, once we found this we strived to find a solution to make these products accessible and affordable to new and established business but keep prices low.
One way in which we achieved this was to forego the traditional brick and mortar warehouse storefronts and setting up an online-based system allowing us to become more efficient and keep our prices low.

We hope you enjoy exploring our High-Quality Fabrics and accent pieces as much as we enjoyed finding them for you…